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    My Story

    The Background section of this site has five pages which will provide you with a brief history of my time coping with oesophageal cancer and the associated surgery. It is this period of my life that has motivated this site and continued blog. More

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    By planning and taking part in various cycling events, I am hoping to help raise funds for the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice Brick by Brick Appeal. The details and outcomes of these will be posted on this site. Please have a look and contribute if you can. I am also keen to hear of any fundraising ideas you may have and would love it if you got in touch via Twitter, Facebook or the Contact form on this site. Thank you. More

  • photography


    This site has some of my photographs taken of places I've been cycling. They have either been taken using my phone when I've been out cycling or they are of places I've cycled to at another time. I've tried to provide some information about the location and I'd be interested to know what you think of the photos and what I've said about the places. More

Who Am I?

I am Martin Sproul, aged somewhere close to 40, and live in Glasgow, Scotland. I am now doing something that I never imagined I ever would; writing a blog. The whole idea of sitting down in front of a screen and trying to write stuff about myself, that other people will find interesting, makes me with shiver with repulsion. So why the hell I am doing it and what’s it all about?

You know, the truth is, I’m not too sure why I’m doing it, but maybe by the time I’m half way through I will have figured out why I decided to sit down one night and paw away at my keyboard. However, I do have a faint idea what it’s all about, and really that should be obvious from the fact that it’s a blog – it’s about me! Oh, there’s that shiver thing again. It’s not about everything to do with me because I’m such an interesting character that the blog would have more pages than the BBC website and the visitor traffic would melt my server, so I’ve had to cut it down to just the years since 2010.

These years have been the most demanding, frightening and enlightening of my life, but I’m not planning on them being the sole focus of this blog. Rather, what I really want to share with you is my re-discovered passion for cycling, how it is rehabilitating me after a long and painful battle with oesophageal cancer and what I’m hoping to achieve in the years ahead. However, I would suggest that the logical sequence to my story, and this blog, would be to start reading all the Background pages.

Please have a look through my site, browse my photographs, read my posts and comment on what you think of it. Thank you.